Be smart! Don’t be an idiot!


Always use safe and secure payment methods. TacMkt recommends to use such payment processors as PayPal or other similar services which provide secure payments for both buyer and seller. If you don’t trust the seller, always please used a standard payment methods. In most of the situations it will require you to pay small fee (usually 3-4 per cent of the total), but it will keep you safe. Use Family and Friends only in case of Verified or trusted sellers. Use Western Union or similar services on your own risk only. Bank transfer: recommended only for you local deals, we highly recommended to do not use the bank transfers in international transactions.


Always require registered (tracked) shipping method with trackable shipping number. Non-registered letter can be lost or never sent...
Do not order or send anything to suspicious places or black-listed countries such us North Korea, Iran, Syria, etc. Otherwise you may have problems with your local law enforcement.


Be extremely cautious about the offer with valuable products and unbelievably low price. Verify the seller, try to find more information about the seller, ask other members of the community about the seller. Never send wire transfer to non-verified seller. Please feel free to use the Facebook Group for discussion.

Stock photos

Stock photos are allowed, but ask the seller to send you real pictures of the product if you are not sure. Make sure that seller has the item being sell.


Always ask about proofs. Proofs of shipment if you are buyer and proofs of payment if you are seller. Always double check. The shipping or payment proof looks like handwritten or written with pencil? Report it!


This is an international community. Most of the members know English, but its not their primary language. Try to verify if the mistakes are intentional or just because of the fact, the guy on the other side speaks different language.

Scams & Frauds

Sad but true. It happens even in such closed communities. If you think you are a victim, please report the case to the admins and your local administrations. Please report the event in the Facebook Group here. Collect all the possible evidence, such as conversations, phone calls, email, screenshots of the offers and anything else could be useful for law enforcement. The TacMkt crew and community will provide you all the possible support to solve the case.